Movie veteran Burt Reynolds was shocked when he and DELIVERANCE co-star NED BEATTY took a trip back to the location of the disturbing 1972 film, only to find the whole area had been renamed to mark its part in film history.

The two movie stars revisited the Chatanooga River in Georgia to see if they still had the courage to raft along it - as they did for scenes in Deliverance.

But they discovered the whole area has been turned into a Deliverance-style themepark, and the area where the notorious anal rape scene was filmed has been renamed Sodomy Creek.

Reynolds reveals, "Now it's every 45 minutes in rubber rafts with a Deliverance T-shirt and a guide.

"The guy is doing his spiel and says, 'Over there is where Jon Voight actually climbed that mountain himself. We call that Voight Mountain now.'

"I'm thinking, 'Oh God, we're gonna get to the place where that scene with Ned getting b**gered happened,' and I'm terrified they've named it, so I say, 'Hey, when are we gonna have lunch?'

"The guy says, 'We're gonna have lunch at Sodomy Creek.' And here's the thing: On some maps of Georgia, you can actually find Sodomy Creek."

31/05/2005 03:21