At a time when musical traits of the 'eighties are undergoing something of a rejuvenated renaissance, Carlisle based synth-obsessives Burn The Negative return, fingers right on the pulse, with their second album, How To Weigh The Human Soul. The album is an outstanding collection consisting of well-formed tracks of synth-ridden electro punk fusion in the vein of the New Romantics (Japan, Visage et al.). Drawing together the synth-led danceable indie-pop of The Killers with whopping hints of big names from the late '70's into the '80's, and elements of developing punk and rock genres that have grown alongside the evolution of electro pop, Burn The Negative have moulded a balanced blend and return with this release at a time when eighties-a-likes and electro-pop are favoured by many in current popular music trends.

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