Review of Black Diamond Album by Buraka Som Sistema

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Buraka Som Sistema Black Diamond Album

Buraka Som Sistema originate from Portugal and may be recognised from their single 'Yah' that was released in 2006. Indeed 'Black Diamond' is truly progressive music. In fact it's quality. The term for this music is kudora and to be it sounds like world music mixed with dubstep, street rhythms and a whole host of South American beats, bleeps and noise. It's pretty engrossing and completely contemporary. It a full on listen that can't help but provoke. MIA and Kano are featured on this album as well as Puto Prato, Pongolove and Petty.

'Black Diamond' is an invigorating listen that hits you in face and shows how world music can really bounce. It sounds great and is totally relevant to the now.

Tareck Ghoneim

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