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Steve Mcqueen's Ferrari Fetches $10 Million

18th August 2014

A vintage sports car bought by Hollywood icon Steve Mcqueen while shooting classic cop movie Bullitt has sold for $10 million (£5.8 million), almost $2 million (£1.1 million) less than experts hoped.The red, 1967 Ferrari...

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Steve Mcqueen's Iconic Bullitt Jacket Up For Auction

27th June 2013

The iconic tweed jacket movie legend Steve Mcqueen wore as San Francisco detective Frank Bullitt in the cult 1968 film Bullitt is expected to fetch up to $800,000 (£516,000) at auction next month (Jul13).The King...

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Bullitt Star Pat Renella Dead At 83

1st December 2012

Bullitt villain Pat Renella has died, aged 83.The veteran character actor passed away on 9 November (12) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after a lengthy illness. Renella, whose gangster character was shot...

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Mcqueen's Bullitt Takes Poll Position On Car Chase Movie List

30th March 2009

STEVE MCQUEEN's race through the streets of San Francisco, California in BULLITT has topped another poll to find the Best Car Chase Movie. The late icon's heroics at the wheel turned the 1968 film into an...

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Bullitt And Knight Rider's Mustangs Rev Up On Top Car List

5th February 2009

The Ford Mustangs raced by STEVE MCQUEEN in BULLITT and DAVID HASSELHOFF in KNIGHT RIDER have made a new top 10 list of cars driven by TV and film law enforcers. The Green Hornet's 1966 Chrysler...

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Pitt To Play Bullitt

5th July 2007

BRAD PITT will revamp one of STEVE MCQUEEN's most iconic roles in remake of 1960s classic movie BULLITT, according to internet reports. The Hollywood hunk will play Lt. Frank Bullitt in the new version of...

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De Niro Film Races Off With Car Chase Prize

20th March 2007

ROBERT DE NIRO's 1998 action movie RONIN has topped a new list of the Greatest Movie Car Chases. The film's classic race through the streets of Paris, France is "a top-notch white-knuckle ride," according to...

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Detective Hopes Zodiac Film Prompts New Leads In Dead Case

28th February 2007

The California detective who headed the chase for the mysterious Zodiac Killer 35 years ago is hoping a new movie about the investigation will prompt new leads - because he's still haunted by the case...

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Fascinating Fact 2272

22nd October 2006

The original OCEAN'S 11, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, TRAINSPOTTING, SHAFT, BULLITT and RESERVOIR DOGS have been named among the 25 Most Stylish Films of All Time in a new GQ magazine poll.

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Jackson Is Hollywood's Coolest

19th August 2006

SAMUEL L JACKSON has topped a poll as Hollywood's coolest actor for his portrayal of JULES WINNFIELD in cult 1994 movie PULP FICTION. Jackson beat off competition from screen legend STEVE MCQUEEN and BRAD PITT,...

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Mcqueen's Belongings To Be Auctioned

9th May 2006

Hundreds of personal possessions belonging to the late actor STEVE MCQUEEN will be auctioned off this November (06), 25 years after his death. The legendary star of classics such as THE GREAT ESCAPE, BULLITT and...

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Bisset Understands Male Urges

20th October 2005

BULLITT actress JACQUELINE BISSET gets along better with men than women because she empathises with their "predatory" instincts. Bisset, who has never married despite her sex symbol status, finds it easy to understand male...

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Bisset Denies Sinatra Affair

20th October 2005

Veteran actress JACQUELINE BISSET has rubbished suggestions she had a fling with FRANK SINATRA, because she had a boyfriend at the time. The BULLITT beauty, now 61, was one of the most lusted after...

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Bullitt Tops Cool Lost

3rd December 2004

STEVE McQUEEN's movie BULLITT has been crowned the 'coolest' film of all time in a new British poll. The 1968 film was hailed for its hunky star and its soundtrack in the survey conducted...

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Bullitt Back With A Bang

15th June 2004

TROY director WOLFGANG PETERSEN is reviving STEVE McQUEEN's classic movie BULLITT, with a little help from the acting legend's son. The movie-maker plans to recreate McQueen's famous cop character FRANK BULLITT, who thrilled audiences...

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General Lee Tops Classic Cars List

12th March 2004

THE DUKES OF HAZZARD's GENERAL LEE has sped off with a new honour - as the best car ever to hit TV or movie screens. The classic car beat STEVE McQUEEN's 1968 FORD MUSTANG...

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Ronin Speeds Off With Best Car Chase Scene

11th March 2004

The hair-raising car chase in RONIN has topped a poll of the best movie pursuit sequences of all time. The 1998 film - directed by JOHN FRANKENHEIMER and starring ROBERT DE NIRO - contains...

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Bullitt Voted Top Car Chase

14th January 2004

STEVEN McQUEEN's legendary speeding scene through the hills of San Francisco in movie BULLITT has been voted the best car chase in movie history. The late actor's 10-minute sequence in a 390 GT 325...

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Pitt's Fight Club Turn Triumphs In Cool List

28th November 2003

Hollywood star BRAD PITT's anarchy-driven hunk TYLER DURDEN has been hailed the coolest character in movie history. Pitt's portrayal of the ultra-confident Durden in 1999's hit film FIGHT CLUB opposite EDWARD FURLONG has been...

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Brad Pitt Set For Bullitt Remake

9th November 2003

Movie hunk BRAD PITT is poised to fill the shoes of screen legend STEVE McQUEEN in a remake of classic crime thriller BULLITT. But the FIGHT CLUB star has a busy schedule before he...

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