Bullet For My Valentine's lead singer MATT TUCK sunk into a severe depression - after fellow Welsh band Funeral For A Friend rose to fame. The 26-year-old was working as a temp in his native Wales while trying to make a name for his band - and was forced to watch as his peers found the success he sought. He says, "When Funeral For A Friend started to blow up, it was probably the lowest point of my life. "I worked in an office in a hospital for a couple of months, which wasn't too good. I was just trying to earn money while waiting for our chance with the music. We'd have (national channel) Radio One on in the background and suddenly a Funeral For A Friend song came on. That just felt like a total kick in the balls. "I was happy for them and I love the band but there was definitely a bit of jealousy. I was there on minimum wage, wearing a f**king shirt and tie, stuck in a crappy office, while my friends were on Radio One. That was bad."