The stars of Cuban supergroup the Buena Vista Social Club are set to embark on a farewell tour.

After 16 years as a group, the Grammy-winning artists will bid farewell to their fans one last time with a final global tour.

The Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club Adios Tour will begin next summer (14) and conclude in the fall of 2015, with a final concert in the Cuban capital of Havana, according to newspaper Granma.

Singer Omara Portuondo, 83, tells news agency Europa Press that while she and her bandmates may be ending their careers as part of the Buena Vista Social Club, her wish is that their music will live on across the globe.

She says, "We want our music to endure over time and continue to charm the world."

40 musicians, most of whom are senior citizens, have been a part of the ever changing line-up of the Latin group, with notable artists such as Afro-Cuban singer Ibrahim Ferrer and American guitarist Ry Cooder at the helm.

In 1997, their self-titled album became a surprise hit, even earning them a Grammy Award in 1998 for Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album.

Wim Wenders' 1999 documentary, Buena Vista Social Club, garnered the group even more attention, and earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature in 2000.