Review of Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall Album by Buena Vista Social Club

Album review of Buena Vista Social Club's live album 'Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall'

Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall Album

It doesn't seem long ago that we were blessed to listen and hear about the 'boys' from Cuba and the exceptional talent that created the Buena Vista Social Club. Indeed with the advent of the internet and world music finally being accessible it doesn't seem too unique anymore to hear latin sounds or any other world sound however when the Buena Vista Social Club first landed on our shores it really made an impact. The latest album shows the Buena Vista Club At Carnegie Hall will have exactly the same impact as first listening to these guys because it is such fantastic music.

We have to thank Ry Cooder and his vision for bringing the Buena Social Club to light as listening to this album it brings feelings of happiness, inspiration and joy. You can't ignore the wonderful craftsmanship of this collective performing latin music with style, grace, passion and amazing skill. Hearing it live captures all the atmosphere of the performance and indeed this kind of music needs to heard and played live. There are some wonderful solos from piano, to guitar to a great horn section and the vocals are first class.

I so truly enjoyed listening to this album. It's such a pleasure to hear wonderfully crafted music that is culturally enriching and beautifully soulful. It is a joy to hear such heart felt sentiment and such professionalism. I hope they continue to grace the world with such great music.

Tareck Ghoneim

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