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Buen Chico - Right To Re-arrange
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Buen Chico Right To Re-arrange Album

Currently something of an epicentre as far as new musical talent is concerned, Leeds seems to be churning out quality artists on an almost daily basis if this summer is anything to go by. Already we've had cracking singles by i concur and Vessels with new releases from Sky Larkin and Grammatics imminent, while on the album front just this last week has seen awesome debut offerings by iLiKETRAiNS and The Insect Guide land on the shop floor. Well now you can add Buen Chico to that list, as 'Right To Re-arrange' puts the fizz back in pop.

In all honesty, Buen Chico aren't exactly new as such, having first started playing together four years ago, but unless you were one of the chosen few to have seen the band's embryonic live performances back then, this record will probably be your first experience of the trio.

From the delightfully cute bunny-adorned cover to the lyrical contents of the songs themselves, Buen Chico obviously don't have a bad word to say or think about anybody, and like the aforementioned Sky Larkin or Mancunian three-piece The Answering Machine, this is simple pop music created as it was meant to be from the day Lennon and McCartney strummed the first chords of 'Love Me Do'.

Not that 'Right To Re-arrange' sounds like The Beatles of course. No, reference points both past and present hint at the lovelorn pop-punk of the Buzzcocks ('Giving Your Gifts', 'Gold From Lead') to the angry young men vibe of The Cribs ('Choosing My Religion', 'Turning Myself Red'). Elsewhere, 'Great Pleasures' sounds like The Wedding Present after a shave, shower and haircut while 'Don't Lose Your Faith In Goodwill' gives the words "poignant" and "ballad" whole new meanings.

As the band's name suggests then, the boy(s, and one girl) done good!

Dom Gourlay

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