At times, documentaries walk a fine line between history and commercialism. ESPN's testosterone-filled IMAX film Ultimate X jumps over that line with its exposé of the Super Bowl of extreme sports - the X Games. The film is complete with ultra-slick, glossy cinematography, clever interviews with the crazed but revered heroes of extreme sports, and the ever-ready hot soundtrack filled with pulsing, radio-friendly bands that only your kids know the names of.

The film captures a whole smorgasbord of footage including events like Moto X, Street Luge, Freestyle Skateboarding, and Stunt BMX. Using large-format cameras, the film captures the awe-inspiring antics of these adrenaline junkies living out the golden dreams of youth in full IMAX amazement. Special P.O.V. camera mounts on bikes, skateboards, and motorcycles provide an intense experience when splashed across the immense IMAX screen. The exquisite calm of a street luge race is particularly memorable.

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