This year's Directors Guild TV award's are punctuated by a notable few first time entrants into the TV club. Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad, Louis C.K for his fantastic FC show, Louie, and Mark Cendrowski for the smash hit geek-comedy, The Big Bang Theory

And all three shows, and people, are rightly in line for recognition. Louis C.K's comedy-cum-drama Louie - the low budget, hard to define, sometimes hard to watch but infinitely funny show on FX is leading the way for original comedy. Breaking Bad's tight, detailed writing creates a tension not often seen on TV screens, and it's beautifully acted by Cranston as he portrays brilliantly the character of Walter White. What's staggering though, is that he also directs some of the best episodes. And The Big Bang Theory? Well it may have been unorthodox in changing the character shift from Leonard to Sheldon early on, but it's fast become an eminently watchable sitcom, and primary director Cendrowski deserves his nod.

Elsewhere, like Louis C.K, Lena Dunham enjoys a level of autonomy on her show like others only dream, and the writer, actor and director is in line for her show, Girls. The annual DGA Awards, to be hosted by actor Kelsey Grammer in Hollywood on February 2, will also hand out trophies to the directors of movies, children's TV, commercials, reality shows and documentaries