A 29 year-old man has been arrested for stealing a script from the Breaking Bad TV series from actor Bryan Cranston’s car. Another of the show’s actors, Charles Baker (he plays Skinny Pete) has pleaded with the thief to return the script and not to ruin the show for others by leaking details of the plotline. Fox News reported yesterday that Xavier Mcafee was arrested and is being held on suspicion of burglary, after the script and other items were taken from Cranston’s car on December 20 last year, whilst the vehicle was parked at Sandia Peak in New Mexico.

The AMC show is filming its fifth and final series and with several awards under its belt, including an Emmy Award from Cranston himself, the show’s producers will be keen that viewers are not subjected to prior knowledge of the final plotlines. Charles Baker pleaded with McAfee not to share the script. “You have the choice to be a better person than that,” said Baker. “You've already made a choice to steal from a person (Cranston) who is loved by millions of people ... don't make it worse by betraying the rest of the cast and crew and fellow fans of the show.”

McAfee, however, doesn’t have good form when it comes to ‘doing the right thing.’ According to TMZ, he already has four juvenile offences, nine felony arrests, one conviction, 11 misdemeanors with six convictions and three pending felonies under his belt. It’s not looking good for Breaking Bad. 

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston: Award winning actor had Breaking Bad script stolen from his car