Bryan Adams may have topped the single charts for months with EVERYTHING I DO, I DO IT FOR YOU - but ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES star Kevin Costner didn't want the song on the film's soundtrack.

Canadian singer Adams held the top spot in the British charts with the romantic rock ballad for an amazing 16 weeks in 1991 - leaving him with the record for the longest running number one single in UK history. The track also topped the American charts for seven weeks.

Costner says, "KEVIN (REYNOLDS - director) and I didn't want the Bryan Adams track, which was a good song.

"Our instincts were that MICHAEL (KAMEN) had written a terrific score, let's not throw a pop song in there."

However the film star was pleased with another movie soundtrack hit - I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, sang by his The Bodyguard co-star Whitney Houston in 1992, but admits he argued with music industry executives over the version of the song.

Costner recalls, "For The Bodyguard I wanted Whitney's song in there, but I got calls from the record company - they were unhappy about the acappella introduction because they said it would never get played on the radio.

"I said, 'I don't give a s**t if they play it on the radio. It's important to the character that she'd be able to sing that song without back-up music.'

"Why? Because as a character it made her seem braver. I felt it deserved to be played, but I wasn't going to change it for the movie. It's interesting that the geniuses of the music business didn't see it that way. They will never tell you that, but that's the f**king truth."

12/03/2004 19:15