Bruno Mars says his ''dream'' is to never have a ''day job''.

The 'Locked Out of Heaven' hitmaker wants his music to speak for him and would like to avoid having to do anything else with his life.

Speaking to Billboard magazine, he said: ''My dream was to not get a day job but to sleep, wake up and do my music.

''And hopefully, my music does all the talking. I want to keep that dream forever. That's it. That's what I love to do.''

The singer - who released his second album 'Unorthodox Jukebox' last year - admitted some people thought his initial success might have been a flash in the pan.

He explained: ''People were saying, 'Man, the second album is the most important because there's the sophomore jinx.' Or, 'Did he get lucky? Will he be able to do it again?'

''I'm like, 'Where is this coming from?' I didn't know whether people or radio was going to like it.

''I just knew that I need to love it, that I gave it everything. That's the feeling I tried for with every song I put on this album and with everything I write.''