Bruce Willis is releasing his own fragrance.

The 'Die Hard' actor has signed a deal with German company LR Health + Beauty Systems to create a men's scent, which is due out in July.

Tilo Ploger, chief operating officer of The Firm, told WWD: "The Bruce Willis scent will be extremely masculine and - starting from ingredients through to design - embodies every individual feature of the Hollywood star: strong, self-confident, consistent."

Bruce, 55, is the latest in a long line of stars to bring out their own scent.

Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker all have a signature fragrance as do Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles.

However, one celebrity who won't release a scent is John Mayer as he thinks it will smell like "sausage and sleep".

The 'Gravity' hitmaker said: "I'm not diversifying in terms of selling anything. I'm not selling 'John Mayer: the cologne'. If I did it would just smell like sausage and sleep. I don't look at my fans and think, 'Wow, they really like what I do musically. Imagine if I could get $60 more out of them.' Who out there really foes, 'You know what, I just f**king love perfumes. I always have since I was a kid. If I weren't a pop singer, I'd be a perfumier.'? At some point I may turn into an a*shole, but right now I just peddle a CD for $15 every two years."