The new 'Die Hard' film will be called 'Die Hard 5: A Good Day To Die Hard'.

The movie sees Bruce Willis reprise his role as Detective John McClane and shooting on the project will begin January 2012, the title was revealed by Tom Rothman, Chief Executive Officer at Fox Filmed Entertainment.

The action blockbuster has a release date penciled in for February 14 2013, Valentine's Day.

The storyline will see McClane heading to Moscow, Russia, to get his son, John McClane Jr., out of prison but when he gets there he discovers the circumstances surrounding his child's arrest are part of a bigger plot leading the cop to a showdown with terrorists determined to take over the world.

The film is to be directed by John Moore - who previously helmed 'Max Payne' - who took over the reigns of the project after Noam Murro dropped out to work on '300: Battle of Aremisia'.

Bruce, 56, has several films set to come out in the next two years, including 'Lay the Favorite' with Catherine Zeta-Jones, 'G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation', which is currently filming, and 'The Expendables 2'.