Bruce Willis 's wife has taken to Twitter to dispel the claims that her husband is going to take legal action over tech-giants Apple.
"It's not a true story" tweeted the underwear model Emma Heming-Willis, who married the all action movie hero on an island. She was aiming to quell the rumours that her husband is litigating Apple over what he perceived to be an issue with music ownership, but may have embarrassed the hard-man by fighting his battles for him. The Sunday Times had reported that Willis, 57, was outraged that he couldn't leave his daughters his bulky music collection when he passes away. The actor has thousands of hours of music, and doesn't want them to disappear, preferring them to be listened to by his family.
Whether Bruce was intending to take on one of the world's biggest companies or not, the story has sparked a debate about the ownership of digital products. Apples terms insist that when someone dies, then legally their music cannot be passed on. Apple has strict rules about ownership of such products, and can even freeze people's iTunes account if they suspect any transference of music files to other parties. A similar problem arises for films and audio books, like those read on the Amazon kindle. It's an incredibly modern issue, and the ownership of something so intangible as digital music files is something that will continue to take shape.