The New Die Hard flick – A Good Day To Die Hard – has topped the U.S Box Office charts despite its poor critical response. Admittedly, though, it wasn’t exactly up against Oscar-worthy competition.

Bruce Willis shot, jumped, smashed and crashed his way to $25m from Friday through Sunday as the latest Die Hard instalment slowly chips away at its $92m budget. Just behind it was Identity Thief with $23.4m – another film with a paltry score on Rotten Tomatoes finishing high up the charts because of the lack of options. It’s a similar story with Safe Haven, as the romantic drama, directed Lasse Hallström pulls in the crowds despite having 13% on the review site. Safe Haven managed $21.3m. Escape From Planet Earth opened this weekend to a 4th position finish in the box office table, grabbing just over $16m while Warm Bodies completes the top 5 on its third week with a round $9m. With 78% on RT, Warm Bodies has a better aggregate review score than the 4 films above it combined.

Beautiful Creatures opened to $7.4m, with 90% of that total comprising mourning Twilight fans (we predict, anyway). Another film with reviews above its station in the charts is Side Effects, which, with $6.3m places 7th. Silver Linings Playbook, Hansel And Gretel and Zero Dark thirty complete the top 10 with little over $10m between them.