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Bruce Willis (born Walter Bruce Willis, 19.03.1955)
Bruce Willis is an American actor best known for his action movie roles and, in particular, his role as John McClane in the 'Die Hard' movie series.

Childhood: Bruce Willis was born in Idar-Oberstein, West Germany where his father David Willis served as a soldier. They moved to Carneys Point, New Jersey when he was discharged in 1957 and David went on to be a welder, master mechanic and factory worker while his German mother Marlene K. worked in a bank. Bruce attended Penns Grove High School and began to suffer from a stutter for which he was nicknamed Buck-Buck. However, he lost it through performing on stage and his extra-curricular activities included drama club and being the student council president. He went on be a security guard at Salem Nuclear Power Plant after high school before embarking on a career as a private investigator. He later went back to acting, enrolling at Montclair State University's drama program but he left in his junior year and moved to New York where he earned a living as a bartender.

Acting Career: Bruce Willis' breakthrough in acting came with parts in theatre productions 'Heaven and Earth' and 'Fool for Love' as well as appearing in a Levi's commercial. He left New York for California to audition for TV roles and landed parts in an episode of 'Miami Vice' in 1984 and the first episode of 'The Twilight Zone' in 1985. He soon won his first lead role as David Addison Jr. in 1985-89 TV series 'Moonlighting' which won him an Emmy and a Golden Globe. He was hired as a pitchman for Seagram's Golden Wine Cooler products earning him $5-7 million but he decided against renewing his contract after quitting alcohol in 1988. His film debut came with the 1987 Blake Edwards film 'Blind Date' alongside Kim Basinger and John Larroquette and he later played cowboy Tom Mix in 1988's 'Sunset'. In 1988, his major Hollywood breakthrough came with 'Die Hard' in which he landed the lead role as John McClane and performed most of his own stunts. The movie grossed $138,708,852 worldwide and was followed by sequels 'Die Hard 2: Die Harder' in 1990, 'Die Hard with a Vengeance' in 1995, 'Live Free or Die Hard' in 2007) and, most recently, 'A Good Day to Die Hard' in 2013. His other successes included roles in Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction' in 1994, 1995's 'Twelve Monkeys', 'The Fifth Element' in 1997, M. Night Shyamalan's 'The Sixth Sense' in 1999 and Michael Bay's 'Armageddon' in 1998. He has also had his fair share of box office failures including 'The Bonfire of the Vanities', 'Striking Distance' and 'Hudson Hawk' which he co-wrote. In 2000, he won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series after appearing in 'Friends' and also appeared in 'The Whole Nine Yards' with Matthew Perry. In 2007, he worked with Robert Rodriguez for a second time following 'Sin City' with Grindhouse double feature half 'Planet Terror'. Also in the 2000s, he had roles in 'Perfect Stranger', 'Alpha Dog', 'Cop Out', 'Red' and even made a cameo in 'The Expendables'. His most recent roles include 2012's 'Moonrise Kingdom', an expanded role in 'The Expendables 2', an a co-starring role in 'Looper'.

Other Career Ventures: Bruce Willis has had some successes as a recording artist releasing debut album 'The Return of Bruno' in the late eighties with hit single 'Respect Yourself'. He also got to number 2 in the UK Top 40 with his cover of the Drifters' 'Under The Boardwalk'. He has appeared on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' many times, often staging over-the-top jokes mocking himself and other celebrities. He appeared in the video for 'Stylo' by Gorillaz. He owns several properties in locations including LA, Trump Towers in New York City, Malibu California, Montana, Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos and Sun Valley, Idaho. He co-founded production company Cheyenne Enterprises and owns several businesses in Hailey, Idaho including The Mint Bar and The Liberty Theatre. He also co-founded Planet Hollywood with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

Personal Life: Bruce Willis married Demi Moore on November 21st 1987 after meeting her at the 'Stakeout' film premiere. They have 3 daughters; 24-year-old Rumer Willis, 21-year-old Scout LaRue Willis and 19-year-old Tallulah Belle Willis; but they divorced on October 18th 2000 for reasons unknown. He was engaged to Brooke Burns for 10 months before splitting in 2004. He has been married to model Emma Heming since March 21st 2009 with whom he has a baby daughter named Mabel Ray Willis. He used to be Lutheran but doesn't practise the religion anymore and though he has a lot of republican political views, he doesn't like to class himself as having any particular affiliation. He is a big defender of gun rights despite claiming to be a pacifist.

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Bruce Willis And Demi Moore Unite To Cheer On Daughter Rumer Willis During 'Dancing With The Stars' Debut

Rumer Willis Demi Moore Bruce Willis Scout Willis

They've long been known as two of the friendliest exes in Hollywood, so it was no great shock to see Bruce Willis and Demi Moore reunited on Monday evening, as they supporter their daughter Rumer as she made her 'Dancing With The Stars’ debut.

Rumer WillisRumer Willis is competing on the 10th season of 'Dancing With The Stars’

Bruce was seen on camera during the ABC show sitting in the front row beside wife Emma and daughter Tallulah, while his ex Demi and Rumer’s other sister Scout sat directly behind them.

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Woody Allen Casts Kristen Stewart, Bruce Willis in New Film

Kristen Stewart Woody Allen Bruce Willis

Woody Allen has cast Bruce Willis, Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg in his latest movie. As usual with Allen's projects at this stage, the film is untitled and there are no details, though it's being produced by Letty Arsonson, Stephen Tenenbaum and Edward Walson.

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart will star in Woody Allen's latest movie, alongside Bruce Willis and Jesse Eisenberg

It's an eye-striking and typically varied and unusual cast and Allen remains one of the few directors who signs up talent without showing them a script. Everybody wants to work with Allen and the general rule of thumb is: if you're asked, you take the job. Cate Blanchet won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2014 after starring in Allen's Blue Jasmine.

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Bruce Willis Set For Broadway Adaptation of Stephen King's 'Misery'

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is to star in a Broadway adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel Misery. The action star will make his debut opposite stage veteran Elizabeth Marvel (House of Cards) in a play written by the two-time Academy Award winner William Goldman (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid), who penned the 1990 movie adaptation of the novel, which won Kathy Bates her Oscar. 

Bruce WillisBruce Willis with his wife, Emma Heming-Willis

Willis will play the housebound novelist Paul Sheddon (played by James Caan in the movie version) who becomes a prisoner of his crazed number one fan after she rescues him from a car accident.

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Video - Bruce Willis Rubs Shoulders With Edward Norton And Others At National Board of Review Gala - Part 4

'Vice' star Bruce Willis was seen arriving with his wife Emma Heming at the National Board of Review Gala held at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York, alongside a string of Hollywood's biggest superstars. From actors to directors, and even various music stars, this gala definitely seemed to be the celebrity place to be this month.

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Picture - Emma Heming-Willis and Bruce Willis... New York City United States, Tuesday 6th January 2015

Emma Heming-Willis and Bruce Willis - 2014 National Board of Review Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street - Arrivals - New York City, United States - Tuesday 6th January 2015

Emma Heming-Willis and Bruce Willis
Emma Heming-Willis and Bruce Willis
Emma Heming-Willis and Bruce Willis
Emma Heming-Willis and Bruce Willis
Emma Heming-Willis and Bruce Willis

Picture - Emma Heming and Bruce Willis... New York United States, Monday 10th November 2014

Emma Heming and Bruce Willis - Shots of a variety of stars as they arrived outside the Glamour Women of The Year Awards 2014 which were held at Carnegie Hall New York, United States - Monday 10th November 2014

Emma Heming and Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis and Emma Heming
Bruce Willis and Emma Heming
Bruce Willis and Emma Heming