Legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen has vowed to keep on rocking well into old age, because he's too much of an "attention-whore" to quit showbusiness.
Springsteen, who turns 60 next year (09), has been recording and touring with his E Street Band since 1972.
And the Glory Days hitmaker insists he has no plans to pack his bags and retire from music in the near future.
He says, "I've got a big ego and enjoy the attention. My son has a word: attention-whore. You have to be one of those, otherwise why would you be up in front of thousands of people shaking your butt?
"When it comes down to it, I like the way it makes me feel. And the way that I can make you feel when I do it... It thrills me, it excites me, it gives me meaning, it gives me purpose. "