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Bruce Lee (born Lee Jun-Fan; 27.11.1940 - 20.7.1973)
Bruce Lee was a Chinese American martial artist known for his Kung-Fu movies and the creation of Jeet Kune Do.

Net Worth: According to Celebrity Networth, Bruce Lee had a Networth of 10 million USD at the time of his death in 1973.

Childhood: Bruce Lee was born in Chinatown, San Francisco, to Lee Hoi-chuen - a Cantonese Opera singer - and Grace Ho. Both of Lee's parents were from Hong Kong and despite his birth in the US, they soon moved back to Kowloon, where he stayed until he was 18. Soon after moving back to Hong Kong, China was invaded and the Lee family spent almost four years under Japanese Occupation. The area he grew up in was full of gangs and gang violence, so Lee's father introduced him to martial arts at a young age as a form of protection. It was also his father that first brought Lee into the spotlight by arranging for him to have various roles as a child actor. After moving back to the United States in 1959, Lee started working for Ruby Chow, the wife of a friend of Lee's father. Lee received a diploma from Edison Technical School the following year before enrolling at the University of Washington in Drama.

Career: Due to his father's prestigious career as a well-known Cantonese opera singer, by the time he turned 18, Bruce Lee had starred in 20 films. Lee's first role in the US was that of Kato in The Green Hornet, a role that also crossed over into several episodes of Batman. Following a few more appearances in various television series, Lee appeared in The Big Boss in 1971. This was the first of his major onscreen performances and he went on to star in Fist of Fury and Way of the Dragon in 1972, and Enter the Dragon and The Game of Death in 1973.

Personal life: On the 17th August, 1964, Bruce Lee married Linda Emery, his high school sweetheart, and the couple had two children. Brandon was born of the 1st February, 1965, and Shannon was born on the 19th April, 1969. On the 20th July, 1973, Lee suffered from a series of headaches during discussions about the development of The Game of Death. He was given a painkiller and went to lie down for a nap. The painkiller in question contained a muscle relaxant which caused an allergic reaction from Lee. He died on the way to Queen Elizabeth Hospital due to massive swelling in his brain at the age of just 32.

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Bruce Lee's Daughter Announces New Biopic Is In The Works

Bruce Lee

A new biopic about the life of martial arts legend Bruce Lee is currently in the works, the late actor’s daughter Shannon Lee has officially announced. The film will be the first to be made about the icon's life with the full involvement of the Lee family.

Bruce LeeThe late Bruce Lee

“There have been projects out there involving my father, but they’ve lacked a complete understanding of his philosophies and artistry,” Shannon Lee said in a statement.

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Is Radler's New Dead Celebrities Beer Advert Hilarious, Bad-Taste...Or Both? [Video]

Bruce Lee Nirvana John Lennon Tupac Shakur

A new European beer commercial from the Radler brand has caused controversy across the world in countries where the advert's dark sense of humour doesn't sit well. The television commercial shows a bunch of dead celebrities, including Bruce Lee, John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe, chilling out, drinking beers on a desert island and hiding whenever a ship passes.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe Is One Of The Dead Celebrities Featured In The New Radler Advert.

The clip begins with a white-haired Elvis being given a beer by a beach babe waitress, who he eyes up as she struts away past an aging Marilyn Monroe rubbing suncream into Tupac Shakur's torso. The waitress reaches the bar where Kurt Cobain is strumming on his guitar whilst hanging out with John Lennon, who says "Hey Jude," whilst paying the peace sign - perhaps because the actor didn't really look like Lennon at all.

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Chuck Norris Selling His $1.2M 'Walker, Texas Ranger' Ranch Mansion

Chuck Norris Bruce Lee

'Chuck Norris doesn't live in a house, the house lives around him'...or something like that - you know the drill. The actor and martial artist Chuck Norris is apparently "downsizing" the number of properties he possesses which means that the house he co-owns with his brother, Aaron Norris, which served as the on-screen residence for his Texas ranger character, Cordell Walker, in CBS' Walker, Texas Ranger has got to go.

Chuck Norris
Dare You Buy This Man's House?

Thinking of putting in an offer? The Mediterranean ranch-style home can offer you four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a home gym decked out with "motivational" memorabilia to remind you you'll never be as hard as the iconic, bearded 73 year-old.

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Actor Jim Kelly Loses His Battle With Cancer Aged 67

Bruce Lee Jim Kelly John Saxon

Martial Arts actor Jim Kelly died aged 67 on Saturday (29th June 2013). He was best known for his role in Enter The Dragon alongside Bruce Lee and John Saxon. The film, made in 1977, combines martial arts, spying and crime. He appeared in other Martial Arts films including Black Samurai, Hot Potato and Three The Hard Way

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon, 1977.

Kelly was the first Black Martial Arts actor. He was discovered whilst teaching Martial Arts in L.A. His career continued throughout the 70's. 

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Jim Kelly – Actor And Marital Arts Expert – Dies Ages 67

Bruce Lee Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly, who starred alongside Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon, has sadly passed away aged 67. Kelly started studying martial arts in 1964 in Kentucky and later moved to California. In the 1980s, he re-trained as a professional tennis coach.

Bruce LeeLee and Kelly starred together in Enter The Dragon

Famous for bringing martial arts to the black community – in films at least – Kelly paved the way for Afro Caribbean and African Americans to both watch and get involved in Martial Arts. This was exemplified best by looking at the Afro Samurai video game series, and the subsequent animated adaption, which almost certainly wouldn’t have existed without Kelly’s intervention in the fighting genre.

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I Am Bruce Lee Review

Very Good
Comprehensively documenting Bruce Lee's life, work and philosophy, this engaging doc is packed with terrific material, including extensive film clips.

It's also relentlessly positive, interviewing only family, friends and people he inspired.

Born in San Francisco, Lee made more than 20 films as a child in Hong Kong and became a champion dancer. Facing racial and gang problems (he was a quarter German), he returned to America at 18, where taught martial arts and Chinese philosophy and fell in love with a student (Lee Cadwell). As a natural showman, TV producers cast him in The Green Hornet, but he hated being told what to do.

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Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Thursday 24th January 2008 with his son Brandon Lee and wife Linda Lee USA

Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Sunday 19th August 1973 as 'Lee' in the film 'Enter the Dragon' USA

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Friday 8th June 1979 in the film 'Game of Death' USA

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Saturday 30th December 1972 as 'Tang Lung' in the film 'Meng long guo jiang' aka Return of the Dragon'

Bruce Lee

Enter The Dragon Review

A bellwether among martial arts films, Enter the Dragon was effectively the final film of Bruce Lee before his death at age 33 of brain edema (ouch). Dragon stands tall for both its high-flying, slow-motion kung fu stunts, its classic Lee vignettes (Lee tastes his own blood then flies into a rage), and its highly implausable plot involving Bruce as a fist-fighting spy recruited to infiltrate an ex-Shaolin Monk's island fortress during his triennial martial arts tournament. Naturally, there's a revenge subplot, loads of ladies for the combatants' diversion, and plenty of ass-busting fighting. A classic of its genre that must be seen by any self-respecting movie buff.
Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee

Date of birth

27th November, 1940

Date of death

20th July, 1973








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I Am Bruce Lee Movie Review

I Am Bruce Lee Movie Review

Comprehensively documenting Bruce Lee's life, work and philosophy, this engaging doc is packed with terrific...

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