Bruce Dickinson says Iron Maiden would consider opening an interactive museum.

The legendary rocker insisted the group wouldn't want to put their memorabilia behind a glass cabinet where fans aren't able to interact with the history of the band, and joked their mascot Eddie isn't ''that sensitive''.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: ''We've got loads of gear kicking around. I don't want it to end up in some po-faced museum, with people in white suits saying 'Don't touch this'.

''I donated a jacket to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame and it was locked away in a glass cabinet miles away from your eyes. Eddie's not that sensitive.''

Meanwhile, he blasted London, UK for its rules surrounding live events and insisted the band would rather play festivals like Download and Sonisphere than have to agree to certain limits at Hyde Park.

He said: ''Knebworth and Donnington are great. They let you make a racket which is all the fans want to hear.

''We considered playing Hyde Park again. The thought of filling central London with Iron Maiden fans is brilliant.

''However, the noise restrictions at Hyde Park are so silly. If somebody has a loud conversation you have to shush them.''

The band's fellow heavy rockers Black Sabbath played at the outdoor venue on Friday (04.07.14), and while Bruce admitted it was their choice, Iron Maiden wouldn't have taken the ''tame'' option.

He said: ''Sabbath made their decision, but we looked at it and thought it's too tame.''