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Gallo Slams Fake Penis Claims

Film-maker VINCENT GALLO has hit out at a movie critic who suggested he used a fake penis for a controversial sex scene in his low budget film BROWN BUNNY. Gallo's co-star - and ex-girlfriend -...

Paxton And Sevigny Furious During Interview

Actors BILL PAXTON and CHLOE SEVIGNY "went ballistic" on Wednesday (08MAR06) after the actress was asked about an explicit sex scene from a previous film on a daytime TV talk show. The two were appearing...

Ebay Pulls Gallo 'Sex Offer'

LATEST: An eBay auction offering a night with actor/director VINCENT GALLO has been withdrawn from the website, because it breaches their rules on selling sex. The vendor, claiming to be the 43-year-old BROWN BUNNY...

Ebay Offers A Night With Vincent Gallo

Internet auction site eBay is offering one of its strangest celebrity sales ever - a night with actor/director VINCENT GALLO for $50,000 (GBP27,800). The posting, which will remain on the site for another six...

Yoko And Sean Stage Multi-media Performance

Japanese artist YOKO ONO and her son SEAN LENNON are teaming up for a one-off multi-media performance in Paris, France. The widow of late BEATLE JOHN LENNON and her 30-year-old son will use art,...

Sevigny: '9 Songs More Explicit Than Brown Bunny'

CHLOE SEVIGNY was shocked by the media reaction to last year's (04) explicit film 9 SONGS, after the furore surrounding her fellatio scene in BROWN BUNNY. Sevigny and her ex-boyfriend VINCENT GALLO hit the...

Gallo's Death Wishes

Eccentric movie star and director VINCENT GALLO wants his obituary raised on a billboard overlooking Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles when he dies. The BROWN BUNNY director and star upset Sunset Boulevard officials by...

Sevigny Desperate For Big Break

CHLOE SEVIGNY is desperate to shake off her independent movie image and star in blockbuster Hollywood comedies. The 30-year-old, renowned for her role alongside VINCENT GALLO in THE BROWN BUNNY, would love to perform...

Dunst Responds To Gallo's 'Witch' Claims

LATEST: Hollywood star KIRSTEN DUNST has slammed film-maker VINCENT GALLO's cruel remarks about her, after he attacked her for pulling out of his controversial flop film BROWN BUNNY. The SPIDER-MAN actress was set to...

Gallo Upset Over Poster Controversy

LATEST: Movie star VINCENT GALLO is upset his controversial poster for new movie BROWN BUNNY has been stripped down from its Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, billboard - because he thought it was "beautiful." The huge...

Gallo Regrets Roger Ebert Curse

Actor VINCENT GALLO regrets putting a curse on film critic ROGER EBERT - because the hex almost came true. Upset by Ebert's scathing review of his controversial BROWN BUNNY film, Gallo cursed the critic's...

Brown Bunny Poster Disappears

A controversial movie poster showing CHLOE SEVIGNY performing oral sex on her BROWN BUNNY co-star VINCENT GALLO has been taken down from Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard. The film caused a storm when it was screened...

Outrage Over Brown Bunny Sex Poster

Community leaders in Los Angeles are fuming after a giant poster was erected in Hollywood showing CHLOE SEVIGNY performing oral sex on BROWN BUNNY co-star VINCENT GALLO. The 18 metre (60 feet) poster has...

Sevigny Hits Back At Agency Claims

LATEST: Hollywood actress CHLOE SEVIGNY has rubbished reports she was dumped by the WILLIAM MORRIS AGENCY after performing a sex act on screen - saying it was she who ended their association. The 29-year-old...

Gallo's Brown Bunny In Shock Award Win

Maverick director VINCENT GALLO's critically mauled movie BROWN BUNNY has scooped the VIENNA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL's top award. Eccentric Gallo - who is seen having oral sex performed on him by co-star CHLOE SEVIGNY...

Sevigny Slams Gallo "Cancer Curse"

Offbeat actress CHLOE SEVIGNY is concerned about her ex-love VINCENT GALLO's recent strange behaviour. The BROWN BUNNY auteur created a storm when he "cursed" veteran film critic ROGER EBERT with cancer - and a...

Vincent Gallo Insists On Unflattering Photograph

Eccentric auteur VINCENT GALLO has complained to American gossip site PAGE SIX - because they used pleasant photographs of him. The BROWN BUNNY director was in the news recently for placing a "cancer curse"...

Wide Right Slam Vincent Gallo

Rockers WIDE RIGHT dislike cult movie actor and BUFFALO 66 director VINCENT GALLO so much, they have channeled their feelings into a song. The band - who hail from Buffalo, New York State -...

Angry Gallo Attacks Critic

Sharp-tongued VINCENT GALLO has launched a scathing attack on "fat pig" movie critic ROGER EBERT - after the reviewer claimed the indie filmmaker apologised for making his widely slated flick BROWN BUNNY. The movie...

Vincent Gallo Hired And Fired Winona Ryder

VINCENT GALLO has confessed he hired then fired controversial Hollywood star WINONA RYDER from his new movie - because of the publicity it would create. The actor-turned-director sacked both Ryder and SPIDER-MAN star KIRSTEN...

Gallo Slams Sevigny

Maverick film personality VINCENT GALLO has branded his latest co-star CHLOE SEVIGNY "boring". The eccentric actor/director made the comments on his own website in an essay written recently. Gallo, who co-stars with Sevigny...

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Nickelodeon Planning On Reviving Some Of Their 90s Classics, Could ‘The Rugrats’ Or ‘Hey Arnold’ Return To Our Screens?

Nickelodeon Planning On Reviving Some Of Their 90s Classics, Could ‘The Rugrats’ Or ‘Hey Arnold’ Return To Our Screens?

Nickelodeon has announced it is planning on reviving some of its popular 1990s shows in “a fresh new way”.

Spielberg Believes Superhero Movies Have A Shelf Life

Spielberg Believes Superhero Movies Have A Shelf Life

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