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Hanks Talked Wilson Into Chicago

18th July 2006

RITA WILSON has her actor husband TOM HANKS to thank for her success on Broadway, New York - because if it wasn't for his words of encouragement she would have walked away from CHICAGO. The...

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Spelling To Join Usher In Chicago?

17th July 2006

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 star TORI SPELLING is in talks with the producers of CHICAGO to star as ROXIE HART on the Broadway, New York City stage. Spelling would team up with R+B superstar USHER, who...

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Lohan To Appear In Anti-acne Commercials

11th July 2006

LINDSAY LOHAN has been selected as the new multi-million dollar celebrity spokesperson for Proactiv anti-acne products. Lohan joins a long list of celebrities endorsing the product including JESSICA SIMPSON, ALICIA KEYS, SEAN COMBS, ELLE MACPHERSON,...

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Brooke Shields: 'I Was Never A Child'

6th July 2006

Former child model BROOKE SHIELDS is bitter she never got to experience a proper childhood, because adulthood was thrust upon her at an early age. Shields remembers being used as an icon of sexuality before...

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Cruise And Holmes Baby Pictures Fail To Sell

26th June 2006

TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES refused to sell pictures of their new daughter SURI, after the photos were offered to the media and failed to get a significant price, according to media reports in the...

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Hanks' Wife Turns To Shields

9th June 2006

TOM HANKS' wife RITA WILSON was so terrified about her upcoming appearance in the Broadway production of CHICAGO, she called on famous friend BROOKE SHIELDS for advice. Wilson, who will take the role of murderess...

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Fascinating Fact 1608

8th June 2006

BROOKE SHIELDS, KATHLEEN TURNER and LARRY HAGMAN will all guest star in the upcoming season of hit plastic surgery drama NIP/TUCK.

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Holmes Slams Depression Stories

24th May 2006

Hollywood star TOM CRUISE has lashed out at reports his fiancee KATIE HOLMES is suffering from post-natal depression following the birth of their daughter SURI last month (18APR06). Several US and UK publications claimed this...

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Shields: 'I'm So Happy'

12th May 2006

BROOKE SHIELDS is embracing motherhood following the birth of her second child last month (APR06), and shunning the anti-depressants which helped her after the birth of her first baby. THE BLUE LAGOON actress battled postpartum...

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Cruise Ends Shields Feud With Baby Basket

5th May 2006

TOM CRUISE has moved to end his public feud with new mother BROOKE SHIELDS by sending her a basket of baby gifts. The two stars entered into a war of words last year (05) after...

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The Thing They Say:

5th May 2006

"We have prepped her for the red carpet and told her to keep her mouth shut!" Actress BROOKE SHIELDS on preparing two-year-old daughter ROWAN for her first film premiere.

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Shields Amused By Giving Birth On Same Day As Cruise

2nd May 2006

LATEST: Actress BROOKE SHIELDS is amused by the fact she gave birth to daughter GRIER the same day TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES' daughter SURI was born, claiming "the irony is perfect." The stars engaged...

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New Mum Shields Wishes Cruise And Baby Well

1st May 2006

BROOKE SHIELDS is going public with her baby best wishes in an effort to end her war of words with TOM CRUISE. The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE star, who is a Scientologist, blasted Shields last year (05)...

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Wilson Joins The Foxy Roxies

25th April 2006

TOM HANKS' wife RITA WILSON is set to RAZZLE DAZZLE Broadway, New York this summer (06) after signing on to replace ROBIN GIVENS in hit musical CHICAGO. Wilson will take on the role of naive...

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Williams Believes In Noisy Birth

25th April 2006

Comedian ROBIN WILLIAMS doesn't believe in the Scientology principle of silent birth and insists it's healthy for the woman to make noise during childbirth. The star appeared on US talk show THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH...

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The Things They Say 1882

20th April 2006

"Hollywood could not write a better script for a happy ending." US talk show host KATIE COURIC on BROOKE SHIELDS and TOM CRUISE having babies on the same day, after publicly sparring last year (05)...

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Holmes Home From Hospital

19th April 2006

LATEST: Actress KATIE HOLMES has been discharged after giving birth to baby girl SURI on Tuesday afternoon (18APR06) in a Los Angeles hospital. The birth went so smoothly, the former DAWSON'S CREEK star was sent...

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It's Baby Suri For Cruise + Holmes

19th April 2006

TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES are celebrating after becoming parents to a healthy baby girl in Los Angeles yesterday (18APR06). The couple plans to call their daughter SURI, according to a statement from publicist ARNOLD...

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Shields Has Baby Girl

19th April 2006

Actress BROOKE SHIELDS has given birth to her second child, a daughter named GRIER HAMMOND HENCHY. The baby weighed in at seven pounds and measured 20 inches when she was delivered in Los Angeles yesterday...

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Cruise Insists He Was 'Restrained' During Psychiatry Tv Battle

14th April 2006

LATEST: Hollywood star TOM CRUISE insists he was "restrained" and "wasn't p**sed" during his infamous TV interview with US host MATT LAUER, when he claimed to know the history of psychiatry. The TOP GUN star...

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Agassi Praised As 'Perfect Man'

11th April 2006

Tennis ace ANDRE AGASSI has been praised as the perfect man by his wife STEFFI GRAF - despite her initial reluctance to date him. Graf reveals it took Agassi months of perseverance before he secured...

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Maddox Is Top Of The Tots

19th March 2006

ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT's adopted son MADDOX has topped a new poll of cute celebrity kids. Cambodian-born Maddox beat BROOKE SHIELDS' baby daughter ROWAN and JULIANNE MOORE's two-year-old LIV HELEN on American magazine In...

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The Things They Say 1652

17th March 2006

"We both have the same bushy eyebrows." Oscar winner RACHEL WEISZ on being mistaken for actress BROOKE SHIELDS.

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Fascinating Fact 1249

17th March 2006

BROOKE SHIELDS and husband CHRIS HENCHY have already picked out a name for her new baby girl when she arrives - GRIER.

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Playboy Hit Back At Alba

3rd March 2006

LATEST: American men's magazine Playboy has fired back at JESSICA ALBA's claims they implied she had posed naked by placing her on their front cover, insisting many A-list stars have graced the page without appearing...

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Shields Set For Second Girl

25th January 2006

LATEST: Actress BROOKE SHIELDS has announced she and husband CHRIS HENCHY are expecting another girl. The SUDDENLY SUSAN star is due to give birth in May (06) and already has a two-year-old daughter,...

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Author Slams Cruise's Stance On Psychiatry

15th December 2005

Hollywood star TOM CRUISE has come under attack from best-selling author PATRICIA CORNWELL - she believes his controversial stance on psychiatry is putting lives at risk. The American crime novelist is convinced Cruise's outspoken...

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Fascinating Fact 632

7th December 2005

Actresses GLENN CLOSE and BROOKE SHIELDS are distant cousins....

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Cruise - 'Coldest' In Hollywood Poll

6th December 2005

Hollywood couple TOM CRUISE and his pregnant fiancee KATIE HOLMES have topped a magazine list of coldest and least powerful stars in Hollywood. Website placed Cruise in the number one spot of their...

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Shields' Mannequin For Michael

11th November 2005

BROOKE SHIELDS wanted to give former boyfriend MICHAEL JACKSON the perfect present for his birthday when they dated in the 1980s - a life-sized mannequin modelled on her. The actress, then 19, begged her...

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