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The Things They Say: 4173834

29th April 2014

"I just think he's beautiful and so talented... He's such a great actor... That's my celebrity crush." Actress Brittany Daniel is smitten with engaged British actor Tom Hardy.

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The Things They Say: 4138567

3rd April 2014

"I went into the wardrobe fitting and lined up on the counter were a bunch of different dildos and I said, 'Give me the biggest one. If I'm gonna do it, let's go big!'" Actress...

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Cancer-free Brittany Daniel: 'First Day Back To Work Was Like A Hot Date'

3rd April 2014

Actress Brittany Daniel has compared her emotional return to the set of Tv series The Game to a "hot date", following a two-year absence as she secretly battled cancer.The 38 year old recently revealed she...

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Brittany Daniel Reveals Cancer Battle

20th March 2014

Brittany Daniel has secretly battled cancer.The 'Game' actress was diagnosed with stage IV non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in the summer of 2011 after suffering from excruciating back pain, night sweats and flu-like symptoms.She said: ''It happened so...

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Brittany Daniel Cancer-free After Secret Health Battle

19th March 2014

Actress Brittany Daniel secretly battled cancer in 2011 after she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.The blonde beauty, who starred opposite her twin sister Cynthia in 1994 teen drama series Sweet Valley High, had been suffering...

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Eric Balfour's Skyline Leap Of Faith

9th November 2010

Eric Balfour took a "leap of faith" while shooting 'Skyline'. The '24' actor had "no idea" what the film - which tells the tale of an alien invasion of the earth - would look like...

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Hayek, Aniston + Sedgwick Celebrated For Body Shots

26th February 2007

SALMA HAYEK, JENNIFER ANISTON and KYRA SEDGWICK have been honoured for baring all on the big screen by saucy internet site The trio has been lauded for their beautiful bodies and body parts as...

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Keenen Dating His Little Man Star?

24th July 2006

Movie-maker KEENEN IVORY WAYANS has found a new dating ploy - he hires potential girlfriends for his movies. The Wayans Brother is reportedly dating actress BRITTANY DANIEL, who stars in his new movie LITTLE MAN,...

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