Britney Spears tried to make peace with her army of paparazzi followers on Saturday (19Jan08) when she invited a small group of snappers into her Los Angeles home to party with her. Four photographers were arrested and charged with reckless driving in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening (16Jan08) after a high-speed car chase in pursuit of Spears. And the troubled singer felt so bad for the snappers, she decided to make it up to them at the weekend. According to, the pop star picked out photographer Filipe Teixeira from the crowd and asked him to join her in her Mercedes-Benz so that she could personally apologise for Wednesday's events. Spears then invited Teixeira, who was one of the four men arrested by Los Angeles police, to follow her back to her mansion, where they drank champagne and partied with two of the other snappers for four hours, according to various internet reports. And Spears had a special interest in Teixeira - he is alleged to have first introduced the singer to her paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. Ghalib spent the weekend in Santa Barbara after attending a family funeral, and did not join the late-night party.