Sam Lutfi’s court case against Britney Spears has been thrown out of court. For anyone that’s been following the case at all, this will come as very little surprise. Lutfi was claiming damages from Spears, claiming that she owed him money from when he acted as her manager, during the time that she was suffering with mental health issues. His argument started to show cracks, well... chasms, really, when he struggled to prove that he had ever actually been her manager.

BBC News have reported today that the judge Suzanne Bruguera threw the case out of court, arguing that there is “not enough evidence to continue.” Some may argue that there was never really enough evidence to start the case, let alone to continue it; Lutfi failed to provide any evidence to back up the claims that he made throughout the highly publicised trial, in which he also claimed that Britney’s mother had ‘defamed’ him in her autobiography, documenting Britney’s troubled times. In addition to this, he has alleged that Britney’s father hit him, at Britney’s mansion. He was asking for 15% of Britney’s earnings, from the times that he claims to have been her manager. However, given that he couldn’t prove that he ever was her manager or that he was contracted to earn 15% of her earnings, he didn’t really have a leg to stand on in a court of law.

Lutfi has now said that he will appeal against the judge’s ruling, though we are not sure on what grounds he plans to appeal.