If you have been wondering who that mystery guy was that took Britney Spears out for sushi on Valentine’s Day, then wonder no more. TMZ have done some serious investigating and it turns out that he’s just some guy called David. No astounding backstory, no signs of serious wealth, no real celebrity connections (other than the fact that he just took Britney out for Valentine’s Day)… just yer average kinda guy-next-door. Named David.

The 27 year old, according to TMZ, works for a law firm in California, though he’s not a lawyer but instead does “field research” and is described in their report as a “jack of all trades.” He’s “definitely not a wealthy guy,” they say and report that the 27 year old does not have “significant roots” in California, as he’s originally from Atlanta. It seems as though Britney and David met through friends and the couple have been snapped playing golf together at the Sherwood Country Club, near to where Britney lives. According to a source, Britney’s taken quite a liking to playing golf and is considering becoming a member of the country club.

Britney’s reps are remaining tight-lipped over the nature of their friendship but that Valentine’s sushi date certainly hints between them being more than just friends. The couple were apparently only in the sushi joint for around half an hour, spending $60. David tipped $13, for the record. 

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Britney Spears has a new man in her life, named David

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