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Hi Sam -I am been following this case from the beginning. I am so upset about Brittany and what that parasite Kevin and his lawyer (who I am written to) are doing to Brittany. If it wasn't for Brittany, Kevin would still be that dope fiend hanging out on the corner (which he looked like) using alot of cocaine. You could tell what type of slime bucket he was, when he left his ex-girlfriend who was eight months pregnant. If it wasn't for Brittany, he problably would still be in the streets. Kevin and his lawyer are doing everything in their power to make Brittany fold under their surrmontable pressure. I have always felt that Kevin has no empathy for the Britttany/and detable about the children. Sam, since you are a devoted friend to her, I do believe that Brittany is suffering from bi-polar, depression, and possibly othe comorbity diagnoses. I have Adult ADHD and OCD, and I am not ashamed of it, and take medication. Please talk to her about that, and if you can talk her into it, please have her contact me at or my cell# 914-217-8829. By the way, my name is Fran. I can't tell you how I despise Kevin, and now he is being featured I read in the television show called "One Tree Hill" as a recurring guest. Recently I have printed out my many e-mails to Kevin, his lawyer, Showbiz tonite and others. At the end of the article, he writes "I ahave officially caught the acting bug. He just wants to find the right opportunityto get started. He just wants to find the balance with his new role, handed down by the court. Sam, you are a good friend of hers, so please amke sure she gets tocourt on their next court date. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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