Britney Spears' former manager SAM LUTFI has re-filed his lawsuit against the pop star's parents after amending his accusations against them in the original papers.
Jamie and Lynne Spears have publicly blamed Lutfi for the series of emotional crises that led to the Toxic hitmaker losing custody of her two sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2007.
Lutfi filed suit for compensation in February (09), holding Spears' parents responsible for damaging his reputation by allegedly leaking false information about his conduct to the press.
The Spears camp then responded by filing a petition demanding the first seven pages of Lutfi's charges were thrown out, alleging his complaints were a calculated attempt to exploit the court system that had no factual or legal moorings".
An excerpt from the original papers reads: "Every aspect of (Britney's) life and more importantly, her fortune, has been controlled by her parents and that the star's out of control behaviour "posed a serious threat to Jamie and Lynne" and the lavish lifestyles Lutfi claimed they enjoyed at the singer's expense.
Now Lutfi has removed such language in a bid to "clarify" his allegations in new court documents, filed last Thursday (16Apr09).
Lutfi's lawyer Bryan Freedman tells E! News, "We think the amended complaint sets forth our claim in a more clear fashion.
"There were certain allegations that we wanted to clean up. We felt (the language) provided some real background but we removed itas far as the legal claims were seeking, it was irrelevant.
A judge is currently deciding whether or not to make permanent Spears' restraining order against Lutfi - and Freedman has already vowed to appeal the ruling if the protective order against his client is extended.
The singer last month (Mar09) obtained a permanent restraining order against her former boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, which will be in place for three years.