Britney Spears ' wedding to Jason Trawick is still on, despite internet rumors suggesting the X Factor judge was getting cold feet. Britney accepted Trawick's proposal in December and the pair are reportedly as happy as ever, reports People magazine.
A source close to the couple said, "There's no truth to any second thoughts about their wedding.They're fine and both look forward to working again when The X Factor gets started. They've had a great summer". Speculation about the couple's relationship emerged after Britney was photographed outside court without her engagement ring on. However, according to the insider, she "was not wearing her ring last week at court because she took it off during an Elizabeth Arden [photo] shoot and Jason was holding it for her. He simply forgot to give it back until later". As for a wedding date, the source says the nuptials are 100 per cent still on, though it won't happen while Britney still has commitments on The X Factor, adding, "Even though Britney has been married before, she looks at her wedding to Jason as her real wedding".
It could be a busy year marriage-wise for celebrities, with Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson also thought to be tying the knot in the near future. Given Britney's unpredictable nature, we're banking on her to be walking down the aisle first.