Britney Spears, pop star extraordinaire, is getting flack from Houston radio hosts Roula & Ryan for a recent interview she did for their show. The interview itself has not been aired, but the hosts themselves made the rather extreme decision to tell the story on their show, which led them on a five-minute rant against the singer. 

Britney Spears, Press Shot
The hosts claim Britney is far from professional, when it comes to interviews.

The host preface their story by explaining that they hate doing interviews when certain conditions are forced upon them and that Britney’s management limited the “safe” interview questions to just three topics. It doesn’t become all too clear what happened during the interview or what the original questions that the hosts came up with were. However, the hosts’ main complaint seems to be that Spears’ answers were not concise or thorough enough and that she seemed distracted during the chat.

Britney Spears, Press Shot
There might be two sides to this story.

“She didn’t have a freaking answer prepared,” Ryan Chase exclaims at one point, which is a valid complaint from an interviewer, but probably not one that needed to be aired. In the 5-minute segment, the hosts point out that with her 15 years in the business, Ms Spears should be able to answer direct questions. They also note that she didn’t seem to pay attention to the questions and contradicted herself. However, the radio duo also make it clear that it was Brit’s management, who wouldn’t allow for the interview to be aired. Without that crucial bit of information, there is no way to know whether the singer actually deserved the ire of her interviewers. So far, Spears hasn’t addressed the matter publicly.

Britney Spears, LA
Unfortunately, we might not get to hear Brit's side of the story.