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I absolutely despise Kevin because he is a money hungry parasite as is his lawyer Mark Vincent. He gets 20,000.00 per month for child support (which is insane) and continually lives off Brit's money. I am not surprised about this, because he spends all his money on drinking, partying with his so called friends, gambling and smoking pot. It is just disheartening to see what he has done with the children's child support. He also stiffed the Hard Rock Cafe, I think in July. He stomach is extended, which colud mean he has liver damage. I think that Brit should get full custody of these children. He has also lived off Brit's good naturednes for much too long. If he loved those children, I think he loves himself only, he would not have put those gourgeous children in jeopardy living like that. Britney looks so healthy, and beautiful. I am in awe of how much progress she has made. They should go after Kevin and press charges. Britney should get full custody of her gourgeous boys. Whenever you see her with them, you can see how much she loves them. They seem to adore her. I have also always though the Judge Gordon was never objective when it came to Britney. She had to pay all Kevin's legal bills - Why???

Posted 6 years 1 month ago by buddy10462

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