Good news for all Britney Spears fans, because it seems she might not be leaving the X Factor after all.

Despite rumours that have been running rampant over the past week or so of the 'Toxic' singer getting the boot from the judging panel, nothing has been set in stone so far. Apparently, if she and The X Factor go their separate ways, it would be Brit’s choice. Earlier this week Us Weekly broke the story that Brit would not be returning for the show’s third season, because she wasn’t offering up the spectacle that Simon Cowell had hired her for. However, according to E! News, nothing has been decided as of yet as Simon Cowell hasn’t approached Spears about the next season of the show either way.

"I don't know yet, to be honest with you," Cowell tells E! News about Britney returning. "I haven't had the conversation with her whether she'd want to, what other commitments she's got." In the same interview, however, he goes on to explain that he would like to have the pop princess back on the show again: “Yeah, I think I do, yeah. But like I said, and it goes back to L.A., it all depends on how much time they can give us.” Looks like Britney’s fate (as well as that of the show, for that matter) is still up in the air, but we’re just happy to hear that Brit isn’t getting the boot.