According to TMZ, Sam Lufti would hide Britney Spears' dog, then wait for her to get really upset, only to revel in the praise once he 'found' the 'missing' pup.

Now this is only speculation, but if there's one thing Contact Music won't stand for, it's animal cruelty, especially from someone with a second name that sounds like a dogs first. Bad Lufti! This is all being let loose by lawyers in the court case surrounding the pair. Earlier claims suggested that Britney's head shaving episode was actually an elaborate ruse to escape a possible drug sentence. See, the one-time pop princess had a taste for crystal meth, and decided, considering how long drugs stay in your hair, that she could do without any. So she lopped them off. Everyone thought she was crazy, but in fact she shaved her head to avoid getting found out for drugs use by a test that didn't exist. She was fine!

Anyway, ol' Spears seems to be doing fine now; she's judging on The X-Factor and having fun doing so. For someone who spent such a long time in the news over the past few years, it may take a few more to shake off all those pesky court cases that attach themselves.