The US celebrity hacking scandal just got bigger. TMZ reported yesterday (March 12, 2013) that Donald Trump and Britney Spears have been added to the list of influential celebrities and political figures that have had their financial details compromised and revealed online by hackers. Also included in the list of victims are Jay Z, his wife Beyonce, reality star Kim Kardashian. socialite Paris Hilton, actors Mel Gibson and Ashton Kutcher, FBI Director Robert Mueller, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, Attorney General Eric Holder and politicians Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears - it's been revealed she's a victim of hackers

Law enforcement sources have confirmed to TMZ that the LAPD has already launched an investigation into locating the culprit – whoever has set up the offending website. Reportedly, the FBI is also looking into the case. Not much of Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden’s information has been revealed, but the financial security of the rest of the people on the list has been well and truly compromised.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump - another victim of the online hackers

This isn’t the only criminal prank that Kutcher has been a victim of, of late, either. A 12 year old boy is currently being tried for making prank ‘swatting’ calls to 911 that ended up with a SWAT team being sent to Kutcher’s house. Justin Bieber was also a victim of the 911 calls.