Pop beauty Britney Spears has detailed the importance of masturbation in her life, and has slammed women who claim not to indulge in the self-pleasuring activity.

The sexy singer - who discusses the subject on new album track TOUCH OF MY HAND - has accused girls who say they don't masturbate of lying, because every women knows the private pastime gives them sexual confidence.

Britney also explains women should "make themselves happy" and not depend on men for their sexual kicks.

She says, "It's a positive thing to indulge in yourself in a sexual way sometimes. It's life. Guys can talk about it. Why can't girls? It's a positive thing. I think if you say you don't do it, you're lying."

In a separate interview, she adds, "Being alone you really start to figure out what makes you happy. And then you're able to give more to other people.

"When you turn yourself on, that really is what turns the guy on. So just make yourself happy and let them just kind of follow up after you."

14/11/2003 09:06