It seems as though Britney Spears can’t decide what she wants the public to think of her. From kicking off her career as the butter-wouldn’t-melt teen poplet, evolving into a self-assured female icon, and then devolving into a veritable mess, ol’ Spears hasn’t really clinched onto an identity and ran with it.

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And it looks like she’s giving ‘seductive, adult pop star’ another spin to see how it works out.

The director for the video for her new song, 'Work Bitch', has opened up on where he thinks the one-time Miss Innocence U.S.A. Speaking to MTV News, he said: "I think this is a more adult Britney, definitely a more adult Britney. You can't have soft visuals for a song called 'Work Bitch,' and we sure as hell didn't."

The director has worked with Britney before, on Scream & Shout. But he’s noticed the change, and is ready to roll with it. "I think it sets a high bar. I think you can only go bigger and bigger,” he said.

"Granted, that I got the opportunity to do a legitimate Britney Spears first release [video], which is a huge deal, we pulled all the stops. There's definitely a lot of surprises that I think people are going to flip over. There's no going backwards."

Have a listen to Britney's 'Work Bitch'

It’s all looking rosy for Spears, who recently announced a residency in Las Vegas. For this residency, she will perform 50 shows per year through 2015 inside a 4,600-capacity planetarium-like theatre. But she’s recently been moaning about the size of the venue, if sources are to be believed.

“When Celine Dion came to Vegas, they built her the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, and that was a production just for her,” said a source to the New York Daily News. “When Britney was announced, they barely touched the stage. She’ll be on the same stage as Holly [Madison] was with a pole. Producers think Britney can make do with two balloons and a feather boa.”