It's official; Britney Spears quit the X-Factor after increasingly intense rumors that Simon Cowell was going to give her the boot. The British-born talent show will be facing a remodel after L.A Reid also steps down. 

That backfired didn't it? After a disappointing fist season, Cowell's attempts to revitalize the show (and Britney's career) didn't quite work and Miss Spears has decided to call it a day on her X-Factor career and the $15m contract that came with it. A source explained to The Daily Mail: "Britney and her team knew it was unlikely she'd be asked back as a judge. The producers have already been making other plans for next season over the holidays. The reality is that toward the end of last season the main players knew they wanted to replace both Britney and LA Reid. LA Reid wasn't at the top of his game in second season and he knew that."

Britney had been facing criticism from the fans for her judging style, as her distant and vapid style (somehow) didn't manage to enamour audiences. "Most people didn't expect Britney to make it through the season as its a demanding role but she did her best," said another insider. Now it's time to just sit back and let the rumour mill churn out some replacements. We're going to start the ball rolling with... David Beckham.