'Work Bitch,' the latest single from pop's returning princess Britney Spears, finally had it's music video premiered after weeks of waiting last night (1 Oct.). In the vid, we see Britney back to her old ways of incorporating a heavy, dance-orientated theme, that is also meant to cause a stir from the viewers.

'Work B*tch' isn't anything like any of her other videos though, it's much more provocative, probably her most racy video to date in fact. The choreographed dance moves are all there, the matching uniforms too, but what new is the size of some of these uniforms - bordering on next to nothing - coupled with some very saucy extras. What with Britney's dominatrix get-up and her dancers draped in S&M gear, topped off with a buttock-smacking bullwhip to tie everything up in the video in a nice, raunchy as hell package that makes 'Slave 4 U' look like it was commissioned by the Mickey Mouse Club, 'Work B*tch' isn't for the faint hearted.

A few of the most choices scenes from the video includes Brit standing in the centre of a pool, with sharks swimming around her and another where she stands as the main attraction at a snazzy house party, while the party-goers guzzle drink around her. In a later bit, in one of the many desert shots, she stands on top of a giant, white prism with her dancers surrounding her, all on leashes. Welcome to a new era of Britney Spears ladies and gentlemen. It's quite scary to be honest.

'Work Bitch' will appear on Brit's still-untitled eighth album, which will be released on 3 December. At the end of December, Britney will be back in the desert to play the first show of her two-year Las Vegas residency at Planet Hollywood. 'Britney: Piece of Me,' begins on 27 December.

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The singer has long discussed the album via Twitter

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Britney is back, bitch (apparently she's Jesse Pinkman now)