Britney Spears revealed that she plans to continue her run as an X-Factor judge, and in doing so, carry on collecting the reputed $15m paycheque.

Asked at a party for the X-Factor's finalists, at which Britney was surely guest of honour, she answered a question on whether she'd be returning to the franchise by saying "Yes, I definitely will." And she said so without so much as a pause. Talking to another microphone holder on the red carpet, she said the contestants were like "little children" to her. "They are so young," she said. "When you see them do so well, my heart is out there with them, and it's a really hard decision. It's just such a hard thing to do." If any of them do what Britney was doing back in her hey-day, they'll be very successful, as long they don't follow it up with head-shaving and lawsuits, they'll be fine, but the two things seem to go hand in hand, these days.

The singer used America's presidential election on Tuesday to help rally support for her contestants on the live x factor show this week, telling her followers on, "So happy to see all of u out voting today. Keep the spirit alive tomorrow for my teens on X Factor... maybe I can get online & vote with u?"