She made her name in music, and her role as a judge in The X Factor has been rather lack lustre, so intellectually heading back to music to focus on it full time seems a good idea for Britney Spears. Turning down the $15m paycheck though? That's madness.

TMZ reported that Britney's exit from her show was entirely her own choice, despite the numerous reports over the past month that X Factor bosses wanted to boot her. Her choice to focus on her music again is a good one, and will undoubtedly delight fans worldwide. She's currently appearing on a track with Will.i.Am 'Scream and Shout' which MTV reports is on the way to the top spot in the UK. Will.i.Am has also been helping out with her new album, as well as Kanye West/Jay Z's producer 'Hit Boy', which should ensure that Britney's new album is worth a listen.

Anyway, now that Britney's on her way, the real question is- who is going to replace her? The obvious choice might be someone across the pond: Cheryl Cole. She was tipped to be a judge originally before Simon Cowell canned her, but she might be the right choice to bring on board, given that she  has experience in the field already. In the dream world though, someone with deep knowledge of the industry and of talent itself might be worth having on screen, Celine Dion, Shania Twain or Debbie Harry could all be great. Particularly the latter.