If there were statistics about the amount of time the world spends writing, talking or thinking about Britney Spears, the results would surely be shocking. It is this phenomenal interest in the star that Sam Lufti has referenced in his testimony in court. Lufti is currently suing Spears and her family for defamation of character alongside numerous other allegations.

In court today (23rd Oct 2012), Lufti gave his side of the story. He explained how they became friends and how the relationship escalated to him being her 'manager'. Claiming they met at a club in 2007, he said "We started talking, hit it off and she started calling and texting me. We hung out and became friends." At that time, Britney was in "crisis mode" and "dealing with a lot of anxiety", their meeting occurred just after the bizarre incident in which Britney shaved her head. 

While Lufti attempted to explain how he began being a bit of a crowd controller, and eventually setting up meetings with press and photographers, all the while referring to himself as her manager, Fox News reports that he was repeatedly interrupted by the defence and Spears' parents, objecting to various claims. Claims on either side are at loggerheads, while Jamie and Lynne Spears both accuse Lufti of bringing down their daughter and plying her with drugs, Lufti is claiming the exact opposite. Testimonial evidence, it seems, will probably not be enough to draw this case to a satisfactory conclusion and unless either side can come up with some physical evidence, it looks to remain, if not unsolved, certainly an area of contention for years to come.

Britney Spears is currently a judge on the X-Factor, having finally managed to bring herself in a state of wellness so as to be able to work. She has, however, been deemed unfit to testify in this case.