It's been a few years of ups and downs for Britney Spears. Making music, head shaving, judging on X-Factor, court cases, drug scandals, the list goes on, and we'll let you decide which of those are ups and downs.

Perhaps, though, a down and an up and an up have never been so close in proximity, as the news that Britney quit her X-Factor post due to fears she was in for the sack, she's been offered a lucrative vacancy in Las Vegas, worth a reported $625,000 a night, NME reports. "This offer has been on the table for some time now and is something Britney has always wanted to do," a source told the paper. "However, she had commitments on the US X Factor and Jason, her manager, was reluctant to over-work her with a residency. Now she and Jason have split, her new team have put everything into fast-forward, and personal terms have been agreed. It's simply a matter of dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's now."

Celine Dion and Elton John have both taken residencies in America's gambling hotspot, and even though Britney is currently number 1 in the U.K with her and's single 'Scream and Shout', it might be time for her to wind down her career like so many stars before her. It seems like yesterday she was frolicking about in a school uniform.