Britney Spears needs a stylist, according to actress Molly Simms.

The former Sports Illustrated model says the 'Toxic' singer should have a complete makeover because she has "too many trends going at once" and needs to play up to her good looks.

Molly - who starred in TV show 'Las Vegas' - says she would start by taking away Britney's signature "boots and tank tops".

She added: "She's so pretty - she just needs help with dressing. She gets too many trends going at once."

Britney is not the only celebrity Molly criticised, as she also blasted 'The Hills' star Heidi Montag, who famously had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day earlier this year.

She told Health magazine: "I think Heidi Montag is a really sick girl, something is off. You don't get F-size boobs. And I'm not judging her. I feel sorry for her."

However there is one star whose style Molly praises, former 'Friends' actress Jennifer Aniston.

She said: "People are always criticising you. I mean, God bless Jen. I know her really well, she's this awesome girl, but it's just so hard. I give her credit."