Britney Spears' sons are ''blinded'' by her fame.

The 'Work Bitch' singer has Sean Preston, eight, and Jayden James, seven, with ex-husband Kevin Federline and she says they are oblivious to her superstardom.

She told MTV: ''I think they are kind of blinded by it. I don't think they really comprehend. They just think of mommy as mommy.''

When her boys do grow up and start to realise their mother's status as a multi-million selling artist, she won't be embarrassed to show them her sexy videos, such as the iconic clip for '... Baby One More Time' where she was dressed as a schoolgirl or the promo for 'Toxic' where she wore a white diamond bodysuit.

She added: ''I feel like what I do is I perform, and as a performer, you find characters to play while you're onstage. That's why we do what we do. So I think they just see mommy as a really wonderful performer.''

Britney, 32, also says her sons keep her up to date on the latest pop songs and they share similar music taste.

She added: ''I usually love what my kids love. We listen to the same things. I mean they listen to cooler stuff then I do sometimes. They really know what's in.

''They are like, 'Mom, this is really hip,' and I go in and listen to it on the computer. I'm like 'wow,' that really is cool, but they are really smart about what they listen to and they have really good ears.''