Britney Spears will begin her two year residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas this winter, and she's not going to be doing it on the cheap either. The pop princess has ironed out all the details in her contract and will reportedly earn a whopping $310,000 for each show she does, meaning that she will earn nearly $15 million each year.

Britney Spears
Britney begins her Vegas residency in December

TMZ gained access to some of the finer details laid out in the contract, and state that the singer will be getting $310,000 for each of the 96 shows she has signed on to perform over the course of the next two years, playing 48 shows over the course of twelve months. With each show expected to make up to $508,514 each, this means that Brit will be given more than a 60% cut of the overall earnings her shows make. Not bad for 48 nights work a year.

But the spending for Planet Hollywood doesn't just end with shelling out for Brit's performances and a few backing dancers, as the resort is pulling out all the stops to ensure than Brit's gig is the show to go see in town. The company have apparently invested mega-bucks in a state of the art concert venue for Britney to perform in, which has been described as being like a "cool, hip club-like show," rather than your usual, audience facing a stage set-up - a set-up that will suit her new, club-friendly sound.

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Still, even though she'll be earning an eye-watering amount for each show, she doesn't come close to being the highest paid star on the Vegas strip. That honour lies with Celine Dion, who reportedly earns a staggering $476,000 for each show she performs at Caesar's Palace. Celine performs 70 shows a year, so Britney does have more spare time that Dion, but at nearly half a million dollars per night, we doubt she is complaining about the 22 extra shows.

Britney's run at Planet Hollywood begins in December and tickets will be made available soon.

Celine Dion
Celine Dion is still Queen of the Vegas residents