Britney Spears has arrived. It's the moment everyone's been waiting for, probably, the full US 'X Factor' judging line-up has been officially unveiled, with La Reid and Demi Lovato putting on their best public smiles in order to try and forget that their fellow judge Britney Spears is allegedly earning a shedload more money. In fairness to Spears, she looked genuinely happy to be there -you would for $15 million I suppose - and making up the quartet was, of course, show creator Simon Cowell looking as dapper as a multi-million fortune will allow you. Quite, then.
The Sun reports that it was the first time all four had been together publicly, and it was reassuring to see Britney looking well, tanned as she was and wearing a demure thigh-skimming purple mini-dress. In truth it's been a pleasure to see how well in general the 30-year-old has been looking after a few years of toil, and the 'X Factor' stage is surely only going to cement her triumphant return.
Demi Lovato meanwhile went for something a little more extravagant, wearing a patterned, blue, cream and yellow dress with a floor-length, draped front. And La Reid? Well, he looked a little like a model from Madame Tussaud's to be honest, although there was no denying he looked slick in a navy blue suit and white shirt ensemble.