Britney Spears kicked off her two year residency at Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood Resort on Friday, 27 December, to a packed out crowd that included a number of famous faces, including Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Most of the audience members left the auditorium in awe of what they had witnessed, whilst others were left disappointed at the fact that Britney lip synced through parts of her performance.

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The first 'Piece of Me' show contained a lot of dancing, but little singing

According to the New York Daily News' 'Confidenti@l' section, Britney had long been planning on lip syncing through parts of her performance and on the debut night she did exactly that on hits like 'Womanizer' and 'Perfume.' The 32-year-old singer performed to a packed-out crowd inside the Axis Theater and went through a number of fast-paced dance routines during some of her more exuberant songs, as well as performing some slower paced number that featured a stripped back routine with little stage action. Apparently Britney lip-synced through both kinds of performances.

“The singer appeared to be lip-syncing for the majority of her performance,” reported the Los Angeles Times. “That went for high-energy dance numbers such as ‘Womanizer’ as well as slower-paced ballads like ‘Perfume,’ for which Spears took a seat onstage.”

Miley CyrusAdam Lambert
Miley Cyrus and Adam Lambert were among the guests at the show

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Britney is said to be getting paid up to $15 million a year for her two year stint in Vegas, however reports have suggested that organisers have already begun to sceptical over whether their investment will pay dividend as the shows are marred by bad press and unimpressed reviews. The NY Daily News reports that ticket sales for the upcoming performances have so far been "disastrous," however Brit's people have denied these claims. Reports like these aren't going to do the residency any favours either if they continue.

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Will Britney's Las Vegas adventure end in disaster?