On stage wardrobe malfunctions are hardly uncommon, but Britney Spears was the latest to fall victim to the dreaded 'nip slip' during a performance in Las Vegas this week. She still looked fabulous, but let's hope she remembers modesty pasties for future shows.

Britney SpearsBritney Spears accidentally flashes her Las Vegas audience

Ths singer was playing at the AXIS auditorium in Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Wednesday night (February 1st 2017) wearing nothing but thigh high boots and a really low plunging sequined leotard. As she stomped around the stage during a rendition of 'Work B**ch', her leotard went a little sideways to reveal a lot more boob than she meant to.

It didn't seem like she noticed that she was flashing her audience, however, and continued on with the performance of her 2013 single from 'Britney Jean' for at least a minute before adjusting herself. She didn't even miss a beat when she did notice, acknowledging her mishap with a momentarily shocked expression but not falling out of step with the choreography or out of sync with the lyrics.

She's not the only one who has lost control of her outfit during a live show; the same thing happened to Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl in 2004, Keira Weather in 2015, Nicki Minaj during her Pinkprint Tour in 2015, Rita Ora in 2012 and Lily Allen at V Festival in 2014. 

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For Britney though, wardrobe malfunctions are part and parcel of performing. Last year, her bra strap snapped as she was singing 'I Love Rock 'n Roll', and in 2015 her bodysuit came apart at the back revealing her underwear.

Britney's 'Piece Of Me' residency, which first opened in 2013, ends its 17th leg with a show tomorrow night (February 4th 2017) before returning on March 22nd for Leg 18. The series will continue up until May 20th 2017 which will mark the end of the 19th leg.