The fact that Britney Spears is set for a massive payday for her Las Vegas residency is public knowledge at this point. Still, the exact amount might be a surprise. You should be sitting comfortably for this one – Brit is set to receive $310,000 per show, which, with 48 shows per year makes about $15 million for the entire season.

Britney Spears, Calabasas, California
Britney might have embraced the "Work B***h" motto, but there's always time for a leisurely stroll.

Not a bad deal for Ms. Spears, who is also celebrating the release of her new single, 'Work B***h,' today. The song marks certainly has a much more electronic, club vibe than her older music (which is saying a lot, because a lot of Britney’s music of late has had a heavy club feel). You can hear the track below.

"Work B***h" - in honor of Brit's impeccable work ethic.

It all fits with the reported theme of the show, which, according to TMZ is going to have a similar focus. The website reports that the producers want “a cool, hip club-like show.” Ignoring the question of who even uses the word “hip” unironically anymore, that doesn’t really make Ms Spears’s show sound too different from any given Las Vegas residency – after all, millions of dollars are poured into performances in the city every year.

The best paid Las Vegas solo entertainer to date is Celine Dion. With 70 shows per season, at $476,000 per night, the 'My Heart Will Go On' Singer is still far ahead of Britney. But who knows, with the 'Toxic' singer having signed a two-year contract, there’s always the chance of a re-negotiation after her residency expires.

Britney Spears, The Smurfs LA Premiere
Britney is one of the hardest workers in showbiz these days.